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Pastors Notes - October 2013

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(Sometimes you just have to have a laugh.)  My great-grandmother always said there was Indian blood in the family, and my long-standing barbering desire proved her right.  For years I had suggested to my husband, Roger, that he let me cut his hair.  I used all the arguments I could think of: “You could avoid all those special trips into town.  There would be no long wait.  Think of the money you would save!”

Nothing worked.  Then the price of haircuts rose, and Roger finally consented to let me at him.  Before he changed his mind I rushed out and bought a home barber set.  I read the directions carefully, then coaxed Roger into the chair.  (He was about to bolt until I reassured him that my mother was dropping in later, and if anything should go wrong-but of course it wouldn’t-she could probably fix it.)

Finally calmed, Roger allowed me to place the apron around his neck.  I clutched the clippers and turned them on.  They hummed softly in my hand, and hair started to fall like snow.  Roger squirmed in the chair.  Hoping to calm his nerves, I began to sing.  Right in the middle of my excellent imitation of Perry Como, the clippers slipped-just a little.

Roger attempted a 180 turn in the chair and blurted out: “When a barber cuts hair, he does…..”  “Are you sure your mother’s coming over today”, his voice quivered.  I switched to the shears and snipped away happily. 

“When a barber cuts hair…” Roger began again.  At that point I contemplated a general anesthetic but decided it’d be unethical.  To dampen Roger’s spirits even more, our hound, Snoopy, ambled into the kitchen, took one look at Roger, ducked his head and crept out. 

“What’s the matter with the dog”, Roger asked.  “Oh, he always looks mournful, you know that!”  But Roger wasn’t convinced, and he made another inquiry about my mother.  By now his fidgeting had grown worse, and he bobbed around like a yo-yo as I tried to snip away loose ends. 

“If you don’t sit still, there won’t be anything for Mom to fix”, I gruffly noted, picking up the clippers again for the final touch-the results of which scared even me a little.

I combed and combed while Roger chomped at the bit to take a look.  “It’s done”, I announced finally.  Roger bounded from his chair and sprinted for the bathroom.  Soon I heard sobs and a stream of mumbling. 

Shortly Roger stormed back into the kitchen, slapped on his hat-which immediately sank to his ears-and blurted out: “I’m going to the barn.  Call me when your mother gets here!”  I watched his long neck and big ears disappear.  Then, with a sign, I shoveled up the hair, wondering why my dear husband didn’t at least leave a tip!

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