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Pastor's Notes - September 2013

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I have a book entitled “We had everything but money”.  It is filled with stories of people who endured the Great Depression.  We have probably all heard stories from or about our own relatives who lived through these days.  The stories I have heard from my relatives make me ask the question: “How in the world did they ever do it?”

            Many people went from being millionaires one minute to the next being nothing-aires.  The first chapter is entitled: “When the banks closed, our hearts opened.”  That says a lot; people lost material possessions, sometimes all material possessions; but many found out, maybe for the first time, what really is important in life.

            Reading some of these stories and thinking about all we have today I wonder if we would survive like our great grandparents did.  We have gotten so used to having nearly anything we want, when we want it.  I would not want to experience days like the 30’s, but there is a part of me thinks that maybe it would not be such a bad idea; it would not be so bad for us to find out “what really is important in life!”

            I can’t help but to think about this from the spiritual point of view.  We have so much to occupy our time and entertain us these days, what with our cell phones, the internet, television, and all the expensive “toys” we can afford.  Sometimes I think someone needs to write a book entitled: “We have everything but Jesus”!

            How sad it is to see so many in this country be so prosperous and so blessed by the Almighty, yet so empty on the inside.  Man needs so desperately the one thing that only Jesus can give-contentment.  There is a hole inside of man that only Jesus can fill.  We try to fill that hole with personal accomplishments, material possessions, the acquisition of power, or whatever else, and it just doesn’t fit.  It is like trying to close a round hole with a square peg. 

            Once that “hole” is closed up with Jesus, I feel then and only then can we really start to live!  Why; because one starts to see how much he really has, and how much others around him really need to have their “hole” closed.  A person’s focus starts to be shifted outward instead of inward, and that is when you really become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  And that attitude is contagious; before you know it, that person’s Church becomes a real Church. 

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