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Pastor's Notes - March 2014

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     By the time you all read this, it will nearly be Lent.  This year we are going to study intensely the stories of Joseph and Moses in the Old Testament.  We will begin in Genesis chapter 37 with the story of Joseph.  We will go through the rest of Genesis and the first 14 chapters of Exodus. 

     These 2 stories cover nearly 500 years of the history of God’s chosen people that ends with their Exodus from Egypt across the Red Sea.  The powerful work of God that ended the 430 years of captivity in Egypt is the Passover, the night when death claimed a victim in every household that did not have the blood of the Passover Lamb on the doorpost of their house.

     I have included in the writing to you this month the sermon schedule I will follow during Lent.  Both Sunday morning and midweek sermons will be on these stories.  It is my prayer that all of you come to know these 2 stories very well in your hearts.  I am asking you to read Genesis 37 through Exodus 14 several times during Lent, pray over the text of the sermons each week, attend Bible studies each week, and make an honest effort to attend all services through Lent.

     You might think this sounds like too much work-but I don’t believe it is too much to ask.  This portion of Scripture in a real way shows you the overall message of the Bible-salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ according to God’s mercy.  If you apply yourself to this endeavor I believe you will take a big step toward a much better understanding of the Bible as a whole.  You may even find it is not as difficult to understand as you thought!

     The sermon series will build upon itself and reach a highpoint on Maundy Thursday night, April 17th.  As I said earlier the Passover was THE event that “sprang the chains of bondage” off God’s people and set them free.  On Maundy Thursday we will not have regular Church service as we always do.  Instead we will do a “Passover Seder”. 

     The Passover Seder is the order of service for the Jewish festival of Passover.  It is a joyous occasion in the Jewish household each year.  We will go through the service explaining it as we go.  The service for the Jewish person basically is a remembrance of the hardness of captivity in Egypt and freedom won for them from that captivity by a merciful God (the stories of Joseph and Moses).  A Passover meal is part of the service, so we will eat authentic Jewish foods that evening.  There will also be authentic Passover Jewish music and your Pastor will sing one of those hymns in the native Hebrew tongue, even though he knows NO Hebrew.   The Lord’s Supper will be served as part of the service. 

     The Passover Seder should be a very meaningful service to us, as it is to the Jew.  But it will be much more meaningful the better acquainted you are with the stories of Joseph and Moses.  Pray about this and make every effort you can to be a part of it.  Satan will try his best to pull you away from anything like this, but he has NO power over the One who is in you!

     The Biblical text and sermon titles for each midweek and Sunday service is listed below.  Be familiar with the story up to the point of the text assigned to each service:

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