St John's Lutheran Church Wilcox Nebraska

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9:30 AM Divine Service & 10:45 AM Bible Study102 S. Stockton, Wilcox, NE 68982

What To Expect
What’s it like at St. Johns?

Most of the folks that attend are from the Wilcox area.  There is a big mix of folks, different ages, and different occupations.  Most of the kids that are here go to Wilcox-Hildreth School but there are some from Axtell and Holdrege too.  Kids are an important part of St. Johns and are included in most of our activities.  A lot of our families depend on agriculture for a living and many of the church families have an agricultural heritage that goes back many generations.  We’ve got our share of Senior Citizens too.  All in all the best way to describe the St. John’s congregation is as “One Big Family”.  You’re going to find that it’s a friendly church and people enjoy each other’s company and there is laughter.  It’s easy to get to know the families as they welcome newcomers openly.


We don’t know where you are in your “life’s journey” but we can assure you that St. Johns will be a welcome page in that journey. 


If you are simply trying to understand Christianity, the Christian Church and its teachings this is a good place to start.  You don’t have to be a Bible Scholar to fit in well with our Church Family.  You can immerse yourself in as much study as you feel comfortable with. 


If you have issues or problems in your life our pastor and others here are great listeners and can offer spiritual answers and comfort.


If you want to be active St. Johns offers all kinds of opportunities to get involved.  If you want to keep to yourself that’s just fine too.  No one will push you to participate in anything you don’t care to do.  Just coming and worshiping on Sunday with us is perfectly acceptable.


Sunday’s Divine Service is really neat, lots of singing.  We have a great organ and some darn good organists that play for us every Sunday.  We all get to sing….if we want to!  If you want to just listen, that’s okay too.  Our Pastor gives us a pretty inspirational sermon each Sunday and teaches us about the bible and how it interacts with life as we know it. 


Our prayer service alternates every Sunday with the first, third and fifth Sunday of the Month celebrating The Lord’s Supper, also known as Holy Communion, and the other Sundays we have a worship service without Communion.  In order to receive Holy Communion you need to become a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church or already be a member of a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church.  Gaining membership is a fun learning experience usually taught by our Pastor.  There aren’t any tests, just the opportunity to learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ and God’s instructions to humanity.  We learn a little about Martin Luther who was responsible for founding the Lutheran Church.  Believe me, it is interesting and fun!


Now if you have little kids, this is the place to be.  Each Sunday the Pastor has the kids that want to come down in front for a special Children’s sermon.  This is a special time in our worship because our Pastor explains something related to the bible in the simplest of terms or makes comparisons of things in everyday kids lives that they can relate back to the Bible.  In the summer we hold a fun filled and educational Vacation Bible School.  Lots of kids attending and lots of fun. Children are special to us at St. Johns.  After church each Sunday, there are always treats for the kids and for us bigger kids too.


Oh, did I mention that Sunday Service doesn’t require you to wear a new suit or dress.  When you come to visit our services you’ll see folks in blue jeans, cowboy boots, shorts, tennis shoes and yes some wearing slacks and suit coats and the ladies are dressed similarly.  We don’t judge folks at our church by the way they dress, we just want you comfortable and most importantly we want you there!


Some folks don’t come to church because they can’t afford to make a donation.  At St. John’s your financial situation is your business and if you can’t put something in the weekly offering, that’s just fine.  You be the judge of what you can do or cannot do financially.  Don’t stay home because of this.


If you have special needs, whatever they are you will find a helpful friend within the St. John’s family that will assist you with getting to our church and back home as well as helping anyone with any physical limitations attend and enjoy our worship.


Finding a church can be a difficult, time consuming experience. After moving into the Wilcox area or just becoming interested in St. Johns we would ask that you attend for a month or so to get the real feel for the St. John’s family.  We will grow on you!!!


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